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The Problem

MVPs take a long time to make and they are expensive.

MVPs are almost never completed on time
Product Market Fit
PMF Is Never Discovered
Definition Of Done
DOD is never attained.

The Problem

MVPs take a long time to make and they are expensive.

If you’re a startup, it’s even more challenging because you will almost inevitably run out of money before you get it right. This slows down the development of the product, which slows down your ability to test your assumptions, which will slow down your growth.

Our Vision

We solve the Problem First

We begin with the End in Mind

We use agile software development principles and essential behavior-driven development concepts to help us design, build and deliver software built to solve a specific problem. Whether that problem is for your company, the market, or the government, we solve the problem first and then write the code.   

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WE're an Agile Agency

A typical Sprint

In a typical sprint, based on the business objectives we determine a feature or series of features that will be implemented.

From there we analyze the user story and begin to define acceptance criteria based on the feature requirements. 

Properly written acceptance criteria allow developers and our quality assurance team to create automated tests and develop against the tests to create stable & tested software that is then automatically deployed to a live environment. 

A typical sprint reflects a properly structured CI/CD pipeline. 

time spent during average sprint
Product Design
Business Analysis
Time 20%
QA / Testing

Our Services Include

All services are provided via our DesignOps Principles

Software Development​

Short and sweet, build tested behavior driven applications that are proven to work using the latest and greatest tools and technologies.

Cross-Platform Application Development

Web, Mobile, Desktop, or IOT, we provide peace of mind by building applications that work in any environment every time.

BlockChain Development

We develop immutable solutions and provide transparency to all stakeholders, private, public, or a mix of both.

JAMStack Development

The latest way to build applications without needing to host a server. We build solutions that deploy to the most popular JAMStack host environments including Vercel and Netlify.

UI/UX Design

How users interact with your content can make or break a great digital experience. Our designers have a deep understanding of design, grounded in years of experience designing for mobile, desktop and everything in between.

Product Development

Have an idea for a product but you're not sure where to begin? Our expert product designers and business analyst will help you design a product that solves a real problem.

Data Modeling

Data is not of no use if it is not modeled correctly. We ensure that schemas are developed before the information is added, and we use the best ORMs and database design tools.

Digital Transformation

A simple phrase for a complex process. We use a proprietary framework derived from T.O.G.A.F. principles to provide a smooth and effortless transition to the cloud computing ecosystem.

Machine Learning​ & Data science

Whether you have a specific project in mind or want to add machine learning capabilities to an existing application, we provide first principals solutions that are more cost-effective than off-the-shelf machine learning services.


Analytics is the heartbeat of your online organization. We measure what matters by creating custom events and KPIs that integrate seamlessly into your choice data pipeline, or we can build and manage one for you!

Security Audit & Improvements

DevSecOps is more than a buzzword. It's a way of ensuring that security stays top of mind. We use languages like Rust and frameworks like WebAssembly to prevent up to 70% of memory-related security issues. For the other 30%, our code is reviewed, audited, scanned, and tested for security issues throughout the development cycle.

Ontological Modeling

Ontologies allow your organization to structure information across its various domains. Languages like O.W.L. can be used to model this information and create machine-readable code that can be used to execute a business process or represent data structures.


What They say about us

Evolving Software gets it done and gets it done well! Not only are they fantastic to work with the owner Riley is a fantastic person. You can trust any project with Riley. He and his team have done wonders with our custom React development and the implementation of our Headless CMS integration.

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