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Riley Seaburg



Having spent a considerable time in the the military and marketing world,  Riley now carry the Evolving company flag in front of our troop with same values: loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity and courage.

He brought his spirituality into building the basic foundation of what Evolving Software is, constantly rooting for the team to become a better version of ourselves.

His hobbies include archery, camping, hiking, learning new things, studying programming, spirituality, and writing.

Riley resides in Albany, New York, with his girlfriend, Chelsie.


Luis Suarez

Head of Product Design


Coming from the academic world and with 20 years of experience in design, he focuses on making sure we deliver compelling user-centric solutions. 

His process involves a vast amount of research in getting into the user’s mind so we can all follow a clear path to build any product.

Although he loves spending lots of time on the computer creating stuff, his ultimate love and motivation is his 9 years old son.

Originally from Venezuela, he now lives in Colombia. with his family.


Eliana Mora

Business Analyst


Eliana gather, analyze and work with data to improve efficiency, profitability and savings for our company. She presents the data in an understandable easy-to-digest format for decision-making. 

She currently lives in NYC.


Shaniya Malcolm

Frontend Developer


With an all-hand personality and true grit for learning and growing, Shaniya helps us build ready-to-deploy solutions.

Thanks to her, we bring static designs to life by transforming reusable code into a beautiful responsive product.

As a core team member, she is not afraid of taking on new challenges and ventures to grow as a professional and expand her capabilities.

She lives in NYC.


Anna Shtenda

Administrative Assistant


Anna is responsible for ensuring that our team works efficiently and nothing comes in our way. 

Her role is to support our managers and employees daily and check if the office operations run smoothly.

With an always reassuring smile and the utmost will (plus hunger for learning) she carries on daily, Anna supports us along with our goals.

She currently lives in Ukraine, East Europe.


Dan Fostenko

QA Manager, Scrum Master, BA


Dan is a specialist in software testing with 12+ years of experience in e-commerce, telecom, agricultural and automotive industries.

His wide range of advisory responsibilities include requirements, test management, conducting SCRUM ceremonies, and preparation of project artifacts.

Thanks to Dan (and his always positive attitude) we all know where we are at any given moment with our projects.

He currently lives in Ukraine, East Europe.


Charles Kato

Senior Software Engineer

East Africa

With more than 7 years of work experience, Charles is a full stack developer that works majorly as a frontend developer architecting user interfaces for many company products.

He also enjoys teaching and mentoring the new generation of developers in Africa and loves supporting orphanages and underprivileged children in Africa.

A fun fact about him is that he loves reading any computer and spiritual related literature, taking long walks, and exploring green environments

He currently lives in Uganda, East Africa with his family


Javier Muñoz

UX/UI Designer


Javier designs “the face” of our projects with an innovative and clean style, making any type of visual element or interaction of web pages and mobile applications shine for our users.

With a massive level of professional commitment, he also creates fantastic pieces for our social media spaces.

Originally from Venezuela, he now lives in Colombia with his family.


Oreoluwa Okikiade

Social Media Assistant


Oreoluwa helps take care of the company’s social media interactions with our online audience.

He also helps to analyze engagement data, identify trends in customer interactions, and help us plan digital campaigns to nurture and connect with our communities.

He is a great listener, always centered on steadfastly helping our company achieve milestones and goals.

He currently lives in Nigeria.

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