What is a design system?

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What is a design system?

This is a great question and a great place to start learning about design systems. Design systems are a way to organize and share design ideas.

Why do I care?

A properly organized design system can help you to create a consistent design experience across your organization.

What is the process of building a design system?

The process of creating a design system is called design thinking. Design thinking is a process of iterating through ideas, and then refining them until they are consistent. We use design thinking to create design systems that evolve over time.

What is a design system composed of?

A design system is composed of:

  • Style guide
  • Component library
  • Color palette
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Pattern library

How do I create a design system?

Most of the time, you will be creating a design system from scratch. We use Figma to create our design systems but you can feel free to use sketch or whatever tool you prefer. Start with a style guide. This is a document that outlines the style of your organization. From there, you can create a component library. This is a collection of reusable components that you can use in your design system. You can also create a color palette and typography. Finally, you can create a pattern library. This is a collection of patterns that you can use in your design system.

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