Why Us

We are People first


There’s more than tech and processes when coding a software solution, as those don’t get built by themselves.

not just tech

our people's values

Maintain a healthy work/life balance

The ability to create comes from having a clear mind. And the only way to achieve it is by managing time, duties, and taking time off to recharge.

All of our employees have a clear understanding of this, so they can focus on the task at hand and reach top productivity.

honesty is always the best policy and trust has to be earned

We build software. But way before that, we ensured the team would be reliable, authentic, brave, consistent, and respectful with each other by talking from deep within us. This approach fosters solid relationships and allows us to hit our team goals.

commitment to doing good for the whole

Thinking individually but acting as a team is a crucial asset we rely upon. We honor the name of our company by growing personally and sharing knowledge (Masterclasses. Mentoring) with our teammates to evolve all together.

commitment to innovation and excellence.

We don't care about building products. We care about making great products. Attention to detail, discipline and open-mindedness are crucial approaches we apply individually to get us there.

Love what we do and do what we love

Why bother waking up in the morning if it's not doing what you enjoy doing?
Our thoughts exactly.

Fearlessness for the future

Our people don't fear the future. Because we have built it: they come from diverse professional backgrounds with colossal experience doing what they do best: bringing results to the table. Everything else is noise. They do the right thing and don't fear the rest.

We embrace


We believe in doing things right the first time and delivering impactful outcomes. Part of accomplishing that is building a set of processes and a thriving mindset for every team member.

No one rides this boat, we all row.

our Team's values

Priorities are always clear

We create a clear distinction between communications requiring reading, and those requiring action (with a due date).

Communications are discoverable

Our teams never isolate communication. Because of this, they can work autonomously and discover contexts that may be relevant to them. That's how we create compelling solutions.

Communications "live" in context

Communications are compatible with how we get work done, written clearly, in long form to prioritize asynchronicity and avoid (or reduce) the need for lengthy and tedious meetings to transfer information.

Channels and mediums are standardized

What goes where and what’s expected from each channel is explicitly defined. Requests for input or response are expressly specified and tracked by industry-leading software dev guidelines.

Response times & etiquette are upheld.

We trust that our team members will see each other's messages and respond to them in the agreed-upon time to unblock any pending task.

We succeed by having a process and structure

A great tool with all the right bells and whistles but without adherence is not enough. We strive to develop best practices effectively to make the most out of our tech stack.

It's all by


Design is the glue that holds our organization together and the bridge that enables collaboration across our teams. It defines how we work together, how we get it done and how we create an impact.

Our commitment is to excellence, not perfection.

Driven by design

our DesignOps principles

We thrive for user focused outcomes

Success isn’t measured by the features and functions we release, rather it’s measured by how well the users’ needs and goals are fulfilled.

Our teams are diverse

Diverse teams generate more ideas than homogeneous ones. We empower our multi-disciplinary teams with the expertise and authority to turn those ideas into outcomes while encouraging trans-disciplinary skill-sets.

We define clear metrics of success

Metrics are selected according to the project goals. We ensure that designs are executed to the highest quality.

We Define sprints based on outcomes and impact.

We facilitate design quality through consistent toolsets and processes documenting and optimizing the high-level design process, from initiation through testing to delivery.

We use industry leading tools and systems. (with no fear for using new ones)

Auditing and promoting the same collaborative Design/Dev tools and processes maximize efficient collaboration.

A clear system for design delivery.

We establish a clear design delivery system by deciding who needs to see the work and when while gathering input and feedback.

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